DJ Blog 16

“All you need is love da da dada dah

All you need it love da da dada dah

All you need is love love   Love is all you need”

Acts of Kindness  WOW  It’s amazing what a wonderful world we live in if you just take the time to look around a see all the seemingly small acts of kindness that goes on each and every day within us without us and all around us.  —  Yes there are awful things going on in the world right now — down right mean and disturbing things.  But, there is also so many wonderful things happening.

“And in the end   the love you get  is equal to the love you give”

To all of you, big HUGS from me to you and yours — May the world seem just a little warmer and brighter as you move ahead in 2016 and in the years that lie ahead.

and — a few weeks late in wishing it:   HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ONE AND ALL





DJ Blog 15

Things are getting interesting as I go further doing lots and lots and lots of “little” things that bring about change’s.  But, I still haven’t fine tuned my DMP “with sacrifice”  I think I am overthinking it.  But, I will keep plugging away until I get it in there. —“If at first you don’t succeed try and try again”  keeps popping into my head  — so I am listening and trying and trying again.  So, I will get it right sooner than later.

DJ Blog 14

Well, January 2016 started with a Jolt, not too many days into the New Year hear on the coast of British Columbia.  My house rumbled and shook for about 18 seconds.  Doesn’t sound like a long time, but when you are counting down the seconds, while things are falling off your shelves and it sounds like 30 or more dump trucks are smashing through your house, it seems like an eternity.  Luckily nothing was broken and none of my animals or I were hurt.  Just a little shaken (pardon the pun).  I was just getting ready to turn out the lights and go to bed when it hit.  Oddly enough, I wasn’t tired AT ALL once it was over.  Took me about 3 hrs before I was ready to try and go to sleep.  Old mother nature sure has a way of giving you a wake up call.  I must admit that I was NOT thinking about the MKMMA experience or anything else for those 3 hrs.  Just waiting to see if there was going to be another Earthquake.  Whooo Hooo – can’t say the 2016 didn’t start off with a Bang!!

DJ masterkey Blog 13

Well here it is, Christmas looming just around the corner.  Made it to Abbotsford to spend time with my son and his wonderful wife.

Eeeek the Purolator Truck with the Presents for my son, wife, her mom and dad has already come and gone & didn’t leave the parcel — just minutes before we got home.  Hopped in car raced up the hill — see the truck going down a side street — follow him for 8 Blocks finally catch up with him.  By the time I park he is no longer in the truck, parked outside of Marks — Ring the buzzer for truck deliveries Lady comes out — tells me he is shopping in their store.  Turns out I was his last stop.

Yeahhhh  we find him Yes he can give me the parcel  I have the right id  Christmas is saved for me & my family.

Time to do my Meditation & read Worlds Best S M before I go to bed.

Best wishes for a Wonderful   Holiday season —  D J  (aka Diana Gaiger)

D J Blog 12

50 minutes in front of the mirror repeating the same sentence (actually I ended up with 3 sentences) over and over and over and over again.  What a rush –about 1/2 way through all of a sudden, I wasn’t just saying them, I was there living what I was saying.  It was amazing.

So Looking forward to this Sundays Webinar ta ta ’till then

Diana Gaiger Blog 11

I think I will shorten my Title to DJ (my nick name since grade school)  then the blog number — way less key strokes   Anyway, I find I have to listen to the webinars during and after the fact as I have been loosing the audio portion during the actual webinar.  I think it may be due to the wind storms we have been experiencing over the last few weeks.  They seem to have subsided, for now.